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Aljazeera specials 2014
15 Aug 2014
Hamas: Peace deal must meet people's demands
Palestinian group's delegate at Cairo talks lists demands Israel has to meet before fighting in Gaza is halted.

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11 Aug 2014
 Fresh ceasefire agreement holds in Gaza
 Israel is expected to send negotiators to meet with Palestinian factions on Monday after new 72-hour truce agreed.

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08 Aug 2014
Gaza Under Fire: One Month On
Since the start of the latest Israeli offensive, Palestinians ponder how they will be able to rebuild their lives.

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 01 Aug 2014
Attack on Gaza: The truce that never was.
Fighting resumes in the Gaza Strip after yet another ceasefire collapses.

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  01 Aug 2014
UN says illegal Gaza blockade must be lifted
UN officials condemn Israeli attacks and warn of humanitarian crisis amid 440,000 displaced and lack of basic services

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31 Jul 2014
 US: 'little doubt' Israel bombed Gaza school
White House says shelling of civilians "totally unacceptable and indefensible", as diplomats prepare new truce push.

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 31 Jul 2014
Gazans risk their lives for bread
Many stores have closed and Palestinians cue for hours at bakeries as Israeli shelling continues.

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30 Jul 2014  
Israel: Waging an unwinnable assault on Gaza?
As international support wanes, we discuss if Tel Aviv can afford to continue its assault on Gaza.
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Aljazeera specials 2013

Aljazeera specials 2012
28 Aug 2012
Last Shepherds of the Valley.
Palestinian Bedouins in the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley struggle to cling on to an age-old way of life.

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Overige Video Beelden
24 Aug 2014
Israeli airstrike levels 12-story building in Gaza City
Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', London, 12.11.11


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